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Crowns & Bridges

Mercier Dental knows the importance your smile has in your life, and if a tooth is discolored, chipped, broken, or missing, it can leave you feeling insecure about showing off the other beautiful teeth you have. At Mercier Dental, we have the solutions to fix your dental problems. Crowns and bridges are great options to fix common dental problems that we see every day, from chipped teeth to gaps left by missing teeth. In short, a crown is used to restore the appearance, color, and shape of a tooth, and bridges are used to span the gap that a missing tooth leaves behind. While they’re different things, they are both useful ways to take care of common dental issues.

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Dental crowns are a durable sheath that slides over your existing tooth to make it stronger and more aesthetically pleasing. Crowns can be used for several different reasons, such as to cover stained or ground-down teeth, to replace fillings that have been problematic or come out, to prevent further breaking or cracking of a tooth that has been injured, as an anchor for a bridge or partial dentures, or to be used after a root canal to protect the tooth from infections and cracks. To be fit for a crown, an impression is taken of your mouth, and the tooth that the crown is being placed on will be filed to accommodate it. Mercier Dental uses the latest technology to make precise changes to your existing tooth and to sculpt the crown into a perfect fit while matching it to your existing teeth’s contour and color. Different materials can be used, from ceramic to gold, and we’ll take the time to ask you about your preferences and recommend the option we think is best for you.

Dental bridges are a bit more complex than crowns because they use two or more of your existing teeth. Bridges are used to replace a tooth or teeth that are missing, using the surrounding teeth as anchors. Bridges prevent your other teeth from shifting and misaligning due to the space left by an absent tooth, protecting your bite and the integrity of your teeth.
Bridges consist of an artificial tooth that is fused between crowns. For a bridge to be put in, an impression must be taken of your mouth, and the anchor teeth have to be filed to accommodate the crowns that will help hold the bridge in place. The bridge is then secured to your teeth. Like crowns, dental bridges can be various materials matched to your teeth’s color and shape.
Bridges and crowns both help improve your bite, strengthen your teeth, and prevent further damage from occurring to them. While they can serve different purposes, both of them come with a range of benefits, from cosmetic to functional. Mercier Dental can walk you through the process, help you decide what materials work best for you, and craft precise, beautiful crowns and bridges to accentuate your existing teeth without being noticeable. You’ll walk out with a smile you love, and we’ll love the opportunity to make a difference in your life.

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