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Beautiful Dentures

As you age, the number of teeth you have in your mouth may dwindle. This can be due to decay, gum disease, injuries, accidents, or infections, but whatever caused the tooth loss, it results in the same problem—gaps and holes in your mouth that make eating and speaking difficult and can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Mercier Dental believes no one should be afraid to show happiness, and we don’t want you to suffer through another day of struggling to eat and talk. Dentures are a great, painless solution to this problem, whether you’ve lost all of your teeth or still have some left. We make beautiful, natural dentures and use the latest technology to make them a perfect fit for your mouth.

anterior denture created at Mercier Dental

If you’ve lost all of your teeth, full dentures are a quick way to get your smile back. Full dentures will restore the appearance of a healthy, full set of teeth to make it easier for you to eat, laugh, and talk without feeling self-conscious or full of frustration. Dentures are removable teeth replacements that are specifically contoured to fit your mouth in the most comfortable way possible, and we’re proud to make only beautiful, natural, strong dentures that look as great as the teeth you were born with – if not better. Denture glue can be used to help secure them in place, giving you the ability to focus on more important things.

Full dentures can also work for you if you only have one or two teeth left, especially if they aren’t in great shape. It’s not uncommon for the remaining teeth to be pulled so you can be fitted for full dentures, especially if the loss of your other teeth was due to a disease or condition that is likely to affect the remaining teeth. Getting the last few teeth pulled can save you from having to get fit for dentures again and buy new ones if you do lose the other teeth, and it’s often easier to fit for full dentures than to fit partial dentures over only one or two teeth.

Partial dentures follow the same concept as full dentures, but they’re for patients who have several teeth remaining that aren’t likely to be affected by disease. Partial dentures can be designed to accommodate the teeth you do have left, so you get a full smile again without having to undergo surgery. Partial dentures usually have flexible framework to hold the artificial teeth in place while leaving space for the existing ones. If we’re worried about the dentures staying in place, we might suggest the use of a crown on one or two of your existing teeth to help anchor the dentures when you wear them.

Whether you need full or partial dentures, the benefits reach beyond the aesthetic appeal of having a full set of teeth again. Using dentures instead of just leaving the gaps in your mouth can serve practical functions, such as allowing you to eat and speak with ease. Dentures also help prevent facial muscles from slackening, which can happen if large gaps in your mouth are left unaddressed. Sagging of your facial muscles can cause premature signs of aging, such as lines. Dentures are convenient, look natural, and, after the initial adjustment period, can be a comfortable way to get your smile back.

Mercier Dental crafts only the best dentures from beautiful, natural-looking materials that are made to last. We use advanced technology to create dentures perfectly shaped for your mouth, precisely fitting them to your exact measurements

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