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Welcome to National Smile Month! At Mercier Dental, we're excited to celebrate National Smile Month this May! It's the perfect time to focus on maintaining healthy smiles and enhancing your dental aesthetics. Our mission is to spread awareness about good oral hygiene and provide the best dental care to ensure that every smile is as healthy and bright as possible.

Summer: The Ideal Season for Orthodontics Thinking about getting braces or aligners? Summer months are an excellent time to start orthodontic treatments. With school out and less hectic schedules, it's easier for children and teens to adjust to new orthodontic routines. Plus, starting treatments now means significant progress can be made before the new school year begins. At Mercier Dental, we offer a range of orthodontic services, including traditional braces and modern clear aligners tailored to meet the needs and preferences of all our patients.

Family Dental Cleanings: Book Early! Summer is also the perfect time to schedule dental cleanings for the whole family. Regular check-ups are crucial for preventing dental issues and catching any problems early. We know families are busy, especially during the summer, so we recommend booking your appointments early to ensure you get the most convenient times for everyone. Let's make it a family affair and ensure that everyone's oral health is on track!

Join Us in Celebrating National Smile Month We invite you to join us in celebrating National Smile Month by taking a step towards a healthier, more beautiful smile. Whether it's starting an orthodontic treatment, scheduling your next dental cleaning, or simply improving your daily dental care routine, Mercier Dental is here to support you every step of the way.

Visit Mercier Dental this May—where beautiful smiles begin and thrive. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

A beautiful smile is a journey, and orthodontic treatment is the map that guides you there. It's a process typically divided into two distinct phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. These phases ensure that patients receive the most effective treatment at the appropriate times in their dental development.

Phase 1: The Foundation for a Perfect Smile

Ollie and Dr Mercier smile with the start of her orthodontic treatment phase 1
Ollie Starts Phase 1 with Dr Mercier at Mercier Dental

Phase 1, also known as early interceptive treatment, usually begins while the child has most of their primary teeth and a few of their permanent front incisors. This phase of treatment can begin as early as age 6 or 7. The goal is to address significant orthodontic issues early to prevent them from becoming more severe.

During this phase, Dr. Marc Mercier and his team at Mercier Dental in New Albany focus on creating a foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. This can include guiding the growth of the jaw, correcting bad oral habits, and making room for future permanent teeth.

Phase 2 Orthodontic Treatment patient smiling
Phase 2 Orthodontic Treatment

Phase 2: Perfecting the Smile

After a resting period, Phase 2 begins, typically when most permanent teeth have erupted. This stage usually involves full upper and lower braces or aligners to perfect the alignment of the teeth and bite. The objective here is not just cosmetic; a properly aligned bite means better chewing functionality and overall oral health. Phase 2 is about fine-tuning the results from Phase 1, ensuring each tooth is in the correct place for a harmonious and functional bite. This phase usually lasts on average about 24 months, but this can vary depending on individual needs.

Taking the First Step

The journey to a perfect smile starts with a consultation. Dr. Marc Mercier is not only a skilled general dentist but also has extensive experience in orthodontic care. At Mercier Dental, the team is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate care for every patient.

2023 best of union county, ms award
Voted Best Dentist

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Ready to start your journey to a perfect smile? Contact Mercier Dental today to set up an orthodontic consultation. Whether you or your loved ones are just beginning your dental journey or are ready for Phase 2, Dr. Mercier and his team are here to guide you. Call us at (662)534- 5252 or visit our office in New Albany to schedule your visit. Let's embrace the path to a beautiful, healthy smile together!

dental assistants at Mercier Dental
Beverly Lang & Cori Taylor have been assisting Mercier Dental for a combined 28 years!

Welcome to another post on the Mercier Dental blog! Today, we're shining the spotlight on a group of professionals who play a crucial role in your dental health and comfort, yet often fly under the radar: our dental assistants. Beyond their welcoming smiles and the calming presence they offer in the dental chair, dental assistants do a myriad of tasks that might surprise you. Let's dive into some fun and fascinating facts about what dental assistants do behind the scenes at Mercier Dental.

1. Master Organizers and Preppers

Did you know that dental assistants are the wizards behind the curtain, ensuring that your dental appointments run smoothly? They are responsible for sterilizing and preparing the instruments and treatment rooms, making sure everything is in tip-top shape for your visit. It's like setting the stage for a play where every prop needs to be in its right place, and our dental assistants ensure a five-star performance every time.

2. Dental Detectives

Yes, you read that right! Dental assistants often play a detective role, gathering crucial information before the dentist takes the stage. They take and develop dental x-rays (radiographs), which are essential for diagnosing hidden dental issues. Think of them as the Sherlock Holmes of the dental world, uncovering the mysteries hidden within your smile.

3. The Artists of Impression Taking/Scanning

Creating a perfect dental impression is an art, and our dental assistants are the artists. Whether it's for a crown, a bridge, or an occlusal guard, dental assistants have the skilled hands that capture the unique details of your mouth. This task requires a keen eye for detail and a gentle touch—qualities that our dental assistants have in spades.

4. Educators at Heart

One of the lesser-known roles of dental assistants is that of an educator. They take the time to teach patients about proper oral hygiene techniques, such as the best way to brush and floss, and provide advice on maintaining a healthy smile. They're not just about care within the clinic; they're about empowering you with knowledge to take care of your smile at home too.

5. The Ultimate Comfort Providers

Last but certainly not least, dental assistants are the masters of comfort. They have a knack for making patients feel at ease, whether it's by offering a reassuring smile, engaging in light conversation, or explaining what each step of the procedure entails. For many patients, the dental assistant's support makes all the difference in transforming a dental visit from something daunting to a positive experience.

Final Thoughts

At Mercier Dental, we know that our dental assistants are indispensable members of our team. They wear many hats and do so with a smile, ensuring that our patients receive the best care possible. So, next time you're in for a visit, remember to give a little extra thanks to these unsung heroes of your smile. They do so much more than you might think, and we couldn't do it without them!

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about dental assistants. Stay tuned for more insights and behind-the-scenes looks at the dental world from Mercier Dental. Here's to healthy smiles and the incredible people who help maintain them!

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