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General Dentistry

It’s been proven that your dental health directly correlates to your overall systemic, general health. In other words, a healthy smile can mean a healthy life. We at Mercier Dental want you to be in the best health possible, from your teeth to your toes, so we take your dental well-being seriously. We offer the best level of care for all of your general dentistry needs, consistently delivering exceptional results, from cleanings to surgeries and emergencies. No matter your age or the general dentistry service you need, we can get your teeth back to being healthy and looking great.

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A large part of general dentistry is preventive care, which includes cleanings, screenings, and more. It’s common knowledge that preventing a problem is much easier than trying to heal it after it starts, so making sure you and your family receive regular checkups, cleanings, and screenings is important.

Mercier Dental performs routine cleanings, which helps keep your gums free from irritating plaque buildup and your teeth clean and healthy. Cleanings are also a way for us to get a clear look at your mouth and see potential problems forming, even before you notice them. Routine cleanings help us find and diagnose problems early, meaning that we can stop them from worsening, giving you a better prognosis.

Oral cancer screenings are also an important general dentistry service that we take seriously. Cancer is a scary word, but early detection is key to efficient treatment and a better prognosis. Oral cancer screenings involve a thorough six-point process that checks the entire mouth for unusual bumps, lumps, sores, or textures. If anything is found, we’re then able to analyze it, determine if it’s something that requires attention, and then take care of you from there. Early detection of cancerous cells can make an enormous difference in your prognosis and can even mean shorter, easier treatment. If we’re able to catch the disease before it spreads, it could save your life.

Cleanings and screenings are an essential part of your oral health. Don’t wait to see us until a problem becomes so bad you notice it. Early detection and preventive services can mean a longer, happier life, with fewer diseases and more healthy smiles.

Mercier Dental also offers services to heal and correct infected, diseased, or irritated teeth and gums. With our highly-trained, experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide you with fantastic results and a great experience.

Some corrective procedures include cavity treatments such as crowns, bridges, fillings, and caps. These methods help prevent cavities from worsening and more from forming, and the process is a breeze. We make sure you’re completely comfortable during the procedure, and you’ll feel great knowing you don’t have to worry about cavities causing more pain and worsening with every bite you take.

Root canals are also a corrective procedure used to treat infected teeth. Mercier Dental is able to perform this procedure in a way that minimizes any discomfort you might experience.

Other corrective procedures include wisdom teeth removal and emergency dental services. Our staff is more than capable of performing complex dental surgeries with excellent outcomes.

All of our restorative and corrective procedures are covered by a warranty because we’re confident in our work’s quality, and we want you to be able to feel confident as well. If something breaks, wears down, or has other complications, we will repair or correct it as quickly and painlessly as possible at your convenience.

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